For questions, or to schedule design services and consultations, please complete the form below.

Staging Services- {$50/hour}

Staging services are now offered for clients looking to prepare their home before listing on the market. Examples of staging services include consultation and recommendations for a clean, inviting aesthetic, on-hand clean up or decluttering, and furniture and decor rental, upon request (additional costs for rentals are the responsibility of the client).

1- Hour Design Consultation {$75}

This package offers the simplest and most affordable consultation option. I will come into your home, talk with you about your rooms and overall vision for your home, and make suggestions for arrangement and design.

Consultation Extension {$100}

This package includes a 1-Hour Design Consultation (detailed above), a mutual Pinterest board, as well as a Photoshop rendering and shopping list designed for ONE room. Additional rooms are $25/each. 

e-Design {$150}

Web-only designs are available for individuals who are non-local customers or unable to arrange an in-home consultation. This package provides communication and file sharing for one room, a mutual Pinterest board, as well as a Photoshop rendering and shopping list for the room.

Deluxe Consultation- {starts at $300}

This package offers unlimited in-home consultation, Pinterest boards, Photoshop renderings, and shopping lists for each room you are seeking to be decorated. Additional work, such a shopping for items, spending time in your home decorating/staging a room, and time working with contractors are billed at $25/hour. Hours will not be billed without consent from the client. Contracted services, such as paint services and carpentry, are chosen by the client. I will work with you to find the most-trusted and most affordable options for any contracted services, and you as the client have no obligation to accept contracted services.

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