Anita's Master Bedroom

I am excited to have the honor of designing my first bedroom for none other than... my own mom!

My mom, Anita, has classically elegant taste. As long as I can remember, she has always loved blue, and communicated a want for touches of blue during our consultation. I fell in love with these shams from Pottery Barn, and they drew in the inspiration for the rest of the room.

You can view sources for this inspiration board in Anita's Pinterest Board.

Thank You for Stopping By

Hello all!

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by my page. I am excited to re-launch, officially, my blog page and introduce my design services {click on the tab above labeled "Design Services" for more info}.

Thank you to all who prayed and got excited with me about this journey. I am thankful for each of you.

Also, thank you to Jenny @ French Press Mornings for making my dreams come true for my blog design.

So many blessings. More to come soon.