What I've Been Up to Lately

It's funny how, as a stay at home mom, I can look back on recent events and feel like I've done nothing and everything all at the same time. My kids made it through the winter sans frostbite, I got really good at finding creative places to hide dirty laundry, and my tiniest turned six months old. All pretty great accomplishments in my book.

I did, on a less comedic note, do some actual, productive things outside of my four walls. For the month of February, I was a sponsor for the incredible Thrive Moms network. It was an awesome feeling to see Pretty Little House featured in their newsletter and social media, and I loved knowing I was contributing to such an awesome organization. (If you haven't checked them out already, do.)


And we really did have a few snow days that allowed my husband to stay home for a bit and some blissful family time to be had (no sarcasm intended).

I relaxed a little last month (and as I'm just now realizing, the first half of this month), but for [the remainder of] this month, I am focusing in on blog and business. Spring brings natural inspiration and new beginnings to me every year, so I want to write and design from that place. I'm really into florals and watercolors right now, as well as calligraphy, so we will have to see where that leads. I hope to see you around the blog!