Week of Nurseries: Day 5 // Gender Neutral

I couldn't have nursery week without creating a gender neutral nursery. For those who choose to keep the gender a mystery until baby's arrival, or for adoptive parents awaiting a baby they have not met, a gender neutral room is a great option. But it can be difficult to stay in "the middle" without leaning more toward one gender.

To achieve a balanced look, I chose neutrals for the big items (crib, chair, fixtures), and accented with colors suitable for either gender. This also gives the ability to change out the accent colors later, without having to redecorate the whole nursery.

I really could have done an entire month's worth of nurseries. The possibilities are endless! And mamas, since I can't justify having a baby for each nursery idea I have (amiright?), I will be more than glad to design a nursery for your bundles of joy.

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