She Reads Truth: Ruth

Happy Tuesday, everyone (its only 12:07 am, but it still counts.) I'm venturing today to another non house-related topic...

Have you every heard of the online Bible study community, She Reads Truth? It's truly amazing. It is an eMinistry that provides free online Bible studies, as well as beautifully illustrated study packs you can order. (Check out this one that my absolute favorite blogger, Jones Design Company, illustrated for SRT). As soon as you click on the She Reads Truth homepage, you are welcomed with inspiring, feminine graphics and an organized menu of study options.

Screen shot from:

There are lots of ways to connect with other She Reads Truth participants, such as Facebook, and hashtags for statuses and Instagram captions. Its an awesome way for busy ladies in any stage of life to connect in a simple, yet meaningful way.

Yesterday, I began the new She Reads Truth study on Ruth. This study, like the rest of their studies available, are scripture-centered, yet short and to-the-point (which is exactly what this busy wife and mom needs these days). The Ruth series focuses on how our ordinary stories are made extraordinary through God's powerful plan. I especially love this premise, because it is the very foundation for Pretty Little House!

Therefore, I wanted to invite you to join me on this study of Ruth. I will be posting about it along the way, hopefully with a few parallels to homes/contentment/etc. I would love nothing more than to hear how God impacts your life through it!