Finding My {Blogging} Voice

Recently I've been less motivated to post much here. Not for a lack of inspiration- I've got plenty of that. But because I have realized something: I haven't been writing from my true voice.

I've pressured myself to keep my blog about interior design, to make sure I sound professional enough, almost like I needed to sell something. While Pretty Little House is my job (that I love so much), and my goal for my blog is to interest people in my services, the job itself is only a small portion of my life. In the course of a day, about 5% of my life is about my job and the other 95% is about my life as a mom and housewife. This is the job I love the most. And I don't take a professional approach when it comes to talking about that job. I'm just really not a super serious person. I really enjoy finding the humor in the everyday craziness. For example, when I post something about tufted headboards or leather couches, half of me wants to make some joke like, "let me inspire you to choose another piece of furniture that will become a canvas for peanut butter art."

That's my voice. The funnier, sarcastic, lighthearted one. I love interior design and I want to interest others in my talents. But I don't want my blog to be solely about that anymore. I want to incorporate real life into the things that make up a pretty home... Like the fact that each carpeted room in my house has some sort of massive stain waiting to be professionally cleaned because of my Tasmanian Devil middle daughter. Or how my house is literally never clean anymore and by some miracle I am ok with that and not sitting in the corner drooling in the fetal position. That's what I want to share with you.

So here's to a new year of finding my blogging voice. I can't wait to begin.